There is potential in every person. However, most people will believe lies that push them far away from success. One of these lies is “I need to have talent and luck to succeed (and I don’t have any, hence, I won’t succeed)”. I’ve already written what I think about talent in here,  and today it’s time to talk about luck. I used to believe that the Universe orchestrates things for us, and that sometimes we are not meant to get some things. But, there’s still so much, we can do, to have things go our way. If we only dedicate time, and effort.

Even though I’m not Christian anymore, I sometimes read Christian articles, so as to get some guidance. If you ask Christians “Why isn’t God giving me the things I want?” they will either reply that you have sinned and don’t deserve it, or, they’ll say, God has a plan. In all honesty, reading such advice only made me confused. God loves me, yes? Why wouldn’t he help me, then?

I wanted to broaden my horizons on the issue, and decided to check what Islam says about closed doors. And I found out that one of Allah’s 99 names is “Al Fattah”. “Al Fattah” comes from the word “fataha” which means “to open, to grant”. Hence, Allah is the God who opens the doors. The person who wrote the article about “Al Fattah” said that when Allah doesn’t open a door, one should keep knocking until Allah opens.

I believe, that’s the spirit.

Cause, whatever you believe in, will create your future.

If you believe you don’t have luck, and God doesn’t want you to make it, to be this well-earning full time author, you won’t succeed.

And vice versa.

If you believe you have luck, and God wants you to make it, you will succeed.

So to make it, what you really need is not luck. It’s faith. Those who have faith and don’t give up when they fail, are so much more likely to succeed.

Success is not luck. It’s inspired action in the right direction. Writers who become full time authors weren’t “noticed” “spotted” “chosen,” They weren’t necessarily “billionaires” and “acquaintances of famous people”. They were plain people who tried, failed, learned from their mistakes and continued working for their success. They put enormous effort into turning their dreams into reality. They chose delayed gratification over instant gratification, they made sacrifices, they overcame their limits, they ran marathons outside of their comfort zones. They were brave enough to pursue what others found impossible. Their success was a natural consequence of their actions, and not plain luck.

If you want to become a full time author, YOU must make it happen.

Don’t just sit and WAIT for it to happen”. Waiting will get you nowhere!

If you want to become a full time author, you must commit to writing and treat it as if it was your real job. Would you skip going to your job a few times a week to watch series? Probably not. So don’t do it with writing.

Follow these three simple rules:

  1. Book = PRODUCT
  2. Readers = CUSTOMERS
  3. Writing = BUSINESS

What are you going to do to get profits? What are you going to do to maximize these profits? You need a business plan. You need to get capital to invest in preparing the best quality product and to fund marketing strategies. You need to build an audience, not just to get them to read what you wrote, but also to make them buy your products, spread the voice, and bring you new customers. You need a broad net of contacts and trusted people who will help you – you need relationships with other authors. In short words, you must become more than just a writer. You must become a businessperson. This is what Joanna Penn, Jeff Goins, Dave Chesson, Michal Stawicki and others did. This is what I am doing and what I am teaching you to do as well.

The door will open, but are you really willing to knock? Are you really ready to put in your 100%? For one, two, three, five, ten years? If the answer is yes, then you are going to become a full time author. You will hit the bestseller list. Maybe not this year. Maybe not next year. But one day, you will eventually make it. We both know it. So, keep working!

I hope this helps.

Stay inspired!