Today a really short, but useful article on free websites where you can promote your free e-book.

Who hasn’t bumped into lists of free sites to promote your Kindle deals, or 91 sites for e-book submissions? And got horribly frustrated, because these sites:

  • only pretend to be free but actually require a payment (and you discover it after filling a form with 30-50 places);
  • want you to create an account without the guarantee that you will actually get the promotion;
  • require you to like and share their posts before they promote you;
  • don’t accept steamy romance;
  • haven’t been updated for months or even years;
  • require 20 reviews (and you have zero);
  • don’t exist anymore?

If yes, then try out the following list compiled by me. I only put websites which are functional, free and actually allow you to promote your e-book online. If you are required to log in, then it’s worthy doing it, as the website will actually allow you to promote your e-books. Hence, you aren’t risking spam in your inbox by creating a new account.

Websites on which you can promote your e-book (regardless of its price):

  1. AllAuthor
  2. Awesome gang
  3. Thirsty author
  4. Wanton reads
  5. Pretty hot

Websites on which you can promote your e-book (if perma-free or on free promotion on Kindle):

  1. Get Free Ebooks
  2. eBookasaurus
  3. Free Books
  4. Free Ebooks Blog
  5. Free Stuff Times
  6. Hunt 4 Freebies
  7. Indie book of the day
  8. E-reader IQ (this is an interesting website that tracks your novel once submitted. If a reader wants to read your book, but want to read it for free, they can track it and if you start a promotion, they will be notified. It’s smart and interesting!)
  9. OHFB
  10. Discount Book Man
  11. Book Preview Club
  12. Book Circle
  13. Freebies4Mom
  14. This is writing
  15. Shameless book deals (it’s better to submit ahead to make sure that there are free places in the newsletter)

With time, I hope to post more lists like these. If you find out that any of the links stopped working, please write me a comment in the section below and I’ll instantly delete it.

I hope this helps!

Stay inspired.