Hi! Today, a quick update on recent changes on Always Inspired Writing, that will help you navigate the page more easily.

  • New domain – from now on you can access Always Inspired Writing using the link http://www.AlwaysInspiredWriting.com.
  • Two content sections – so far only the free content section was available. Now, the member content section is available as well. The member content section currently contains 41 articles in 8 categories. You can take a look at the member content section using this link, however, the articles can be read only by registered members.
  • Member content section – New member articles are updated weekly, just like free articles. Member articles are always marked with a diamond sign in the front [✧] and available in the member content section only. In this way, you won’t confuse them with free articles. Member content categories are also marked with the diamond sign [✧]. I am really sorry about spamming your dashboard recently, but apparently it’s not that easy to publish articles without triggering the reader and e-mail notifications.
  • About BETA membership – Originally, I planned to launch the membership registration after preparing 100 articles. However, I realized that 41 articles is already a lot, and hence, I decided I’d start the BETA membership that will work until I can start the normal membership with 100 articles as base. Registering as a BETA member costs 11$/month. Registering as normal member will be available from April 2019, when the 100 member articles are published and the BETA membership ends. Those who sign up for the BETA membership in January, February or March will receive 20% discount for the normal membership registration later – just remember to send me an e-mail using the askbox! If you would like to sign up for the BETA membership to gain immediate access to a base of 41 member articles, click here!
  • Free content section – The free articles will be updated as usual, 2-3 times a week. The list of them can be accessed using this link. Free articles will always be free and available without registration.
  • Ask for advice – If you would like me to write an article on a specific topic that you have trouble with, please use the askbox. Asking is free and the articles based on your ideas will be free as well. I currently don’t get any asks, so please don’t be shy and tell me what you struggle with so that I can help!

It’s everything for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments under this post!

Stay inspired!