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Seasonal Stories!!! Yay or Nay?

I am personally too busy to write or read seasonal stories (especially now, after starting the Ultimate Manifester!), but I like them a lot! They are given little attention and usually distributed as freebies. Which is a pity because they are amazing standalone projects! In this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of writing them.


  • They appeal to new audience. Someone is not necessarily into fantasy, but absolutely loves Christmas and will do everything to get into the festive mood as soon as December starts? Try sending them a story about fairies and elves in winter wonderland. They will love it and buy your regular fairies & elves stories!
  • It’s so easy to get inspired for them. It’s difficult not to think about Christmas when shopping galleries are full of colorful lights and shiny brocade. The TV, newspaper, radio and internet all provide ideas on how to make Christmas even more unique. Tapping in the mood is very easy, and writing – even easier.
  • Free yearly marketing. Seasonal stories are easy to sell… and even easier to resell! Did you get 10 reviews for a short story about Christmas last year? Fantastic! You can market it again this year, and get newer reviews. With years, your seasonal story will get more and more potential. Why should people buy it? It’s so easy! Christmas! Besides, you can contact reviewers, book promotion services etc. much ahead of the holiday, in order to have places.
  • Can be very interesting if you discuss a less known holiday. Research what interesting holiday traditions are there and use them to write something different.
  • Will put you in holiday mood. On Valentines 2017, I was single. Sounds sad? Wasn’t at all! I told all my friends I loved them, watched a romantic comedy and wrote a Valentines fanfiction for my first novel. It’s still somewhere there on my Wattpad.

Are you decided to write a seasonal story now? Before you put away your current work in progress, stay with me for some time, to read the cons of seasonal stories:

  • You have to write them before the holidays. I find it quite a burden. Each year I promise myself I will write somethig great for Halloween, but suddenly it’s just a few days before Halloween and it’s impossible to write something that would make sense in such a short time. Seasonal stories must be remembered about, planned and started BEFORE the holidays – not during or after them (if you are hoping to release them now).
  • After the holidays, the thrill is gone. And so is audience interest, marketing and your sales. People won’t read holiday stories in other seasons. Which means that you will have to interrupt your promotions until the next year… Kinda disappointing if you’ve been working on the book for quite a long time.
  • They don’t fit every genre. Is there anything worse worse than discovering that there is no Santa Claus? Discovering there are bdsm stories about Santa Claus! Just kidding. Yeah, this is a historical moment – I tried to say I joke. I never do that. Anyways, you get the idea: someone is trying to push the holiday mood into something that isn’t necessarily going to work… I can’t give you an example now cause a good writer can write everything. But you know what I mean.
  • There are already so many of them. You won’t be the first who writes something about Christmas, and you won’t be the last. Each year, new seasonal stories are released by millions of authors on the world. It might be hard to stay on the surface, especially if you are just a beginning author.

Final thoughts?

If I had to write something especially for the season, I would go for a short fanfiction to one of books that I have already written. I might also write a Christmas saga, with new part released every Christmas. It sounds like a great idea to gather seasonal readers and turn them later into ‘full time’ readers.

Are you writing any seasonal stories? If yes, let me know in the comments!

Stay inspired.