Bad reviews happen. And they can’t always be deleted. It’s easy to feel disheartened and depressed when you receive another one or two star rating, especially if it’s going in pair with poor sales. Before I write you an article on what can be done to reverse the bad luck of a particular work, here are 20 things to tell yourself after receiving a bad review, to feel better.

  1. “I wrote this book for myself and I will always love it, no matter what others say about it. I saw value in the ideas I had, so I wrote and published them.”
  2. “I did my absolute best when working on this book. Only I know how much I really sweated writing it. I refuse to feel ashamed and regretful because of a bad review. I am proud of my work, no matter how flawed it is.”
  3. “Even if there is anything in this book that should be corrected, I had the right to make that mistake. I am human, and I am allowed to be wrong at times or do things less than perfectly.”
  4. “I work on my writing craft all the time. I am wiser than my younger self who was writing this book. I know that my next book is going to be so much better than the first one.”
  5. “This is not going to stop me from writing. I will always be a writer, regardless of what kind of feedback I receive about my books. I can choose to do what I want in my life, and if my desire is to write, I will write.”
  6. “I am hurt and frustrated, and it’s normal that I feel this way. A lot of authors are going through the same experience. I am not alone.”
  7. “Everyone has fans and anti-fans. Businesses, services, products, pop-stars… I live in a world of polarity. There is good, but there is also bad.”
  8. “People have the right to express their opinions, no matter how negative they are. This is the freedom of speech, for which I am grateful.”
  9. “Even if those people really didn’t like my book, there is a chance that someone else will. I must not lose the faith.”
  10. “My most faithful readers will read, love and promote my books no matter what haters say. The negative reviews don’t cross out the positive ones.”
  11. “I can choose not to take the negative reviews to heart. They are only opinions written by readers. I have been working on writing craft for so long. I have the right to reject advice if it comes from a person that doesn’t seem to have my best interest at heart.”
  12. “I can choose not to read the negative reviews at all. There are different ways in which I can learn how to improve writing rather than read things that make me sad.”
  13. “A wide range of ratings, from five to one star, is making my book appear more real.”
  14. “Readers can only comment on me through the prism of my book. This book is just a fraction of the person that I am. Even if I get criticized, it’s just about this one aspect of my life, and not about who I am in general.”
  15. “In this moment when I feel so unloved, I should do something for myself, that will cheer me up. What would cheer me up in this particular moment?”
  16. “In this moment, when I feel like nobody believes in me, I must stand up for myself and for my dream.”
  17. “I can turn this situation around my writing a review about my book on my own, where I myself comment on strengths and weaknesses. I can turn out to target audience bloggers and ask them for reviews. I can gather more followers. (If self published:) I can withdraw the book, correct it and release it again, so that I don’t have any more doubts about it.”
  18. “My characters will always stand up for me. If I imagine them standing in front of me to protect me, and laughing at the haters, I will feel better. My characters are grateful to me that I create them and they will never abandon me.”
  19. “In the long run, this situation only going to motivate me. I will write a book which will astonish everyone, and publish. Just watch me. I won’t give up!”
  20. “The sooner I focus back on my writing routine, the better. I can’t allow myself to be distracted by someone’s negative comments. Staying sad and doubting myself is not going to help me become a better writers anyways. I must focus on what I am doing now so that I can build a better future for myself.”

Stay inspired.