You have a brilliant idea… that is, until you see a blank page in front of you. Suddenly, the idea is gone, and you are confused, stuck and angry. If this situation rings a bell, then this post is for you.

The problem with the blank page is thing we associate it with, which is lack of ideas, emotions, words. It might be so, because we all have heard the Latin idiom tabula rasa, meaning blank slate, and often used to describe empty minds. Blank slate is not very different from a blank page , and it’s natural to feel like you’ve lost track of what you were planning to write if you keep looking at it.

Here is my tip on what to do if the blank page scares you:

Don’t focus on it. You won’t find your story there. Your story is not on the blank page. It is in your mind. This is why you must look within yourself. Focus on what is in your head and heart!

The white page is merely a container, into which you will be pouring your story. Imagine you wanted to make marmalade. But instead of preparing the fruits, sugar and other ingredients, you’d keep looking at the marmalade jar, wondering how to turn the inside air into marmalade…

I learned this lesson from Rachel Chen:

“Sometimes I had an idea of what I wanted to draw, but when I looked at the blank page in front of me, the idea was suddenly gone. Blank pages overwhelm people, because they are empty spaces that must be filled. And as we know, each and every empty space has an infinite potential of what it can become. It is very overwhelming for a sensitive artist. I realized I had to look inside me to find the drawing I wanted to draw, instead of letting the blank page guide me in its confusing way.”

I realized that it had a lot to do with writing, and could help many writers scared of the white page. So, I wrote this post! I hope that it helps. Stay inspired!