Writing goals are big goals. And achieving big goals often takes time and patience. We live in a world of instant gratification and often feel discouraged, when we’ve been working on one project for years and it’s still far away from finished (or perfect).

Tracking our writing progress regularly and celebrating small victories is very important. This post will help you how to measure your writing progress in terms of quality and quantity.


  • Re-read your older works. The contrast between your current and earlier works will show you your newest skills. Sometimes we are not even aware of how much we grew as writers until we get the chance to re-read something we’ve written years before. If you haven’t cleaned your writing folder yet, do it now!
  • Ask a professional (!) to write an extended analysis and review of your work. I am suggesting a professional, because most readers who write reviews provide their subjective opinions.
  • Write a list of creative writing skills that you’ve acquired and feel proud of. Think about each of them. How do they make you a better writer?


The word count is just one of many parameters that you can use to measure the amounts of text that you have written. Here are others:

If you are writing / have written:

  • Number of chapters written:

  • Number of chapters edited:

  • Number of books finished and waiting for editing:

  • Number of books finished and edited:

  • Number of books sent to the publishing house:

  • Number of publishing houses you contacted, regardless of the result:

If you have published at least one book:

  • Number of books sold (total):

  • Number of books sold (to libraries):

  • Number of positive reviews (from friends and family):

  • Number of positive reviews (from strangers):

  • Number of times your book was added to the wish list:

  • Number of results when you google your book:

  • Number of results when you google your name:

  • Number of social media on which you appear as author:

  • Number of authors meetings (in libraries, schools etc.):

  • Number of people who contacted you only because you are an author:

If you create free online content / are building a fanbase:

  • Number of views on your blog / homepage / Wattpad:

  • Number of comments on your blog / homepage / Wattpad:

  • Number of likes / reblogs:

  • Number of fans on all social media / newsletter subscribers:

And you? What ways do you use when you want to track your writing progress? Share them under this post with me and the rest of the readers! Stay inspired.