You might want to take a hiatus from writing not only in the summer season. Sometimes it just so happens that you write less and less each day until the word count falls to zero. Before I teach you how to get back on track, please stay assured that true writers always return to their craft. It’s their calling.

You might be thinking that your writing deteriorated during the time in which you didn’t practice. This is not always the case. It takes years to lose skills; and even if, you can always read a few books on how to improve the quality of your writing. Plus, there are at least three hidden benefits of a break:

  1. If you haven’t written for a longer time (months, years), chances are you matured emotionally in the meantime. The depth of your new writing might surprise you in a positive way.
  2. The knowledge you have gathered will provide you with new ideas. Even if you are returning to old projects, you’ll have a new approach to the paragraphs and descriptions you’ve planned.
  3. You rested well, have a lot of energy and miss being an author. Hence, writing will feel more like a fun activity, rather than a duty that has to be completed.

If you don’t know how to get back on track, here are my suggestions:

  • Think about what made you stop writing. Maybe you didn’t feel inspired, had a creative burnout, or there were other events in life that distracted you. That’s ok; life’s more than just writing. The most important thing is: you are back! Stop  blaming yourself for the time you haven’t written, instead, make a commitment to return to writing as soon as possible!
  • Go back to your old routine, for example writing next to your favorite lamp. If you didn’t have a good routine, take time to establish one now. Remember that building habits takes time. You can try webpages like and to track your progress in building better habits.
  • Start inspired, maybe by writing a paragraph about something that you have many thoughts about. If you really have no idea what to write, browse writing prompts on the web. If you want to return to a project, check quickly this article with tips on how to stay motivated when the initial interest in your novel has faded.
  • Slowly increase the word count. Start from 100 words, then write 200, then 500 etc., until you reach your normal standard. Don’t push yourself if you feel you can’t write more. We are not running in a race who will publish more books in a shorter amount of time. Everyone’s pace is different. Some authors just write slowly and that’s ok.

I hope this helps. Have you had longer breaks from writing? If so, how long were they? How did you return to writing? Share your comments below this post and stay inspired! 🙂