Do you care more about having hilarious memes or about your copyrights being respected?

If you had the chance to really earn money for the content you are creating, thanks to copyright protection, would you still vote against the new EU copyright law?

Before you contact the European Parliament (as Wikipedia suggest you), think about the consequences – especially if you are a content creator.

People are panicking because of the article 13 of EU’s new copyright law: “a regulation that will force websites to filter out text, audio, photos and video shared by users against an ever-expanding database of copyrighted works” (source). Yes, it might be the end of our precious and beloved memes, as well as parodies, remixes, fan videos etc. But it’s a blessing in disguise: it will protect us, creators.

I sometimes look at fanpages here and there and my blood is boiling when I see that 90-100% of the posts contain stolen materials that breach copyrights. It’s like taking a dress from a clothing shop without paying for it and going for a photoshoot, getting likes and follows and oh, not returning the dress but keeping it in your wardrobe. That’s exactly what’s happening when you post an entry with a copyright-protected image.

The creation of digital media is a new type of work. It requires time, efforts and skill. And it deserves to be paid. There are so many talented people on the internet right now, writers, editors, artists, musicians – but they won’t earn they money they deserve because consumers think that everything posted on the internet is free and can be used as they please. 

Consumers must learn to differentiate between the public domain / creative commons materials and protected materials. Memes, remixed and fan videos can still be created as long as various licenses are respected.

People are earning more and more, eating better, working out under the eye of trained coaches, spending money on membership cards, events, tickets, holidays, gifts, clothes and other material possessions. And yet, they are thieves on the internet. Why is that so? Because “nobody will notice”, “this is just for private use”, “I’m not important enough to be sued?”. Or maybe because “an e-book is not material anyways”? If you print an e-book than you’ve stolen, it’s not different from stealing a book from a book shop. Then why is everyone doing it? It’s not poverty – it’s greed. 

The European Union’s copyright law will help non-creators understand that digital media are goods no different from material things that are available in shops. I am sure that after the copyright protections are launched, more and more content creators will start earning.

Writers – wouldn’t it be awesome to stop worrying about your newest book getting pirated as soon as you release it? Wouldn’t you want all the illegal copies of your sweat and tears removed from torrents?

Personally, I really have no intention to write or sign any petition against the EU copyright law. I think that it’s there to protect me. I really care more about my copyrights being respected rather than having hilarious memes, remixes and fan videos.

What about you?