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Sometimes it happens: you put your beloved book on social media, start some advertising… And nothing happens. Here are some causes why it may happen and how to prevent / fix it:

  1. You reached the wrong niche within your target audience. For example, you wrote a book for elementary school children, but the cover indicates it’s for high schoolers. Or, you ask love story reviewers to read your gay romance novel, but receive rejection after rejection because they turn out to be homophobic. Or, you do believe that people interested in a topic will automatically like your novel on the same topic – while they might not be into reading fiction at all. It doesn’t mean that your whole target audience is uninterested, it means that you reached the wrong niche. Solution: Search for another niche within your target audience. Try to reach as many niches as you can think of. Focus on the niche that yields most results.
  2. Your target audience doesn’t know what your book is about and why it is worth reading. Posting the cover and indicating the genre is ot enough. You as an author know why your book is worth reading but Mias and Michaels out there don’t know for sure. You need to tell them. Solution: Post more content from or directly related to your book: quotes, drawings, photos, songs, videos, news, links to reviews etc. Let your fans become acquainted with your work. One time ad is really not enough
  3. You keep bumping into groups of passive people. Passive people may like or follow you, but they most likely won’t share or promote your posts. Also, some people may be very active about one author, but totally silent about the other – which is why reaching out to people who like and reblog topics doesn’t always work out the way it should. Solution: Reach to more people, especially to the ones who are creative, like authors, artists, musicians, youtubers, bloggers, fanfic writers, new businesses, niche organizations and causes, etc.
  4. You are not popular enough to appeal to your target audience. If you are just starting as an author, you can’t expect your target audience to beome immediately interested in you. Yes, you may be writing in their preferred genre, but if  you aren’t “socially-confirmed-as-worthy-of-time”, they will turn to a more popular author who is writing the same thing. True, people want high quality stuff, but they want to receive it from someone special, not just from ‘anybody’. Solution: Gather low-quality following to become more popular and then reach out again to your target audience.
  5. You have choosen the wrong platform. WordPress automatically shares your articles with strangers; Blogspot doesn’t. Twitter and Instagram promote organic reach; Facebook doesn’t. Pinterest gathers 31% of internet users; Tumblr gathers 10%. Solution: do  your homework and learn about the websites you do your marketing on. Knowing the strengths and weeknesses will help you optimize your strategy.
  6. You haven’t given it enough time. Anything that you send out there in the internet needs to be discovered. It may happen today or after a month. Solution: Be patient and continue doing your thing.