Wouldn’t it be awesome, to be inspired 24/7? To write easily every single day? To plan the whole book in a week and then complete the first draft in three months? Today, I will share with you three big secrets to staying ALWAYS INSPIRED.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to typical sources of inspiration. Most writers have 5: their own lives, their friends’ lives, books, movies and TV series. This is not enough. You need more sources of inspiration, so that when you run out of one, you can count on many others to inspire you. It’s like having multiple sources of income instead of just one.
  2. Be interested in everything. A lot of writers are blank people who like writing, drinking coffee and listening to music. They lack individuality – why? Because they don’t have enough passions, interests and hobbies! In order to stay always inspired, you must be like a sponge! Absorb everything! Always seek opportunities to learn something new! Which leads us to…
  3. Live an inspiring life. If you don’t have a bucket list yet, you need to write one as soon as possible! Constantly challenge yourself, try new things, talk to interesting people, look at stunning photography, or travel if you have the chance, get interested in different countries and cultures, learn foreign languages, listen to new music genres… If you are chronically uninspired it’s because your life is boring!!!
  4. Write about what inspires you. Think about five things you have a lot to say about at the current moment. Can you incorporate it in the current chapter? If not, you need to restructure your novels so that they are centered around what matters to you! Put your words in the mouths of your characters. If you are shy to do it, think about this way: after you die, your books will be speaking instead of you. What do you want them to say?